Bristol’s Best School in the Years After World War Two

employment-headerCotham Grammar school in the 1940s and 1950s was often referred to as Bristol’s best school; it was certainly the jewel in the crown of the Bristol Education Committee which in those days administered free state education and awarded scholarships to university for all qualified students. It was the school that educated the Nobel Prize-winning physicists: Paul Dirac and Peter Higgs, and shared with Eton College the distinction of having three old-boys in the England cricket team. In the development of mind and body, Cotham Grammar School rivalled the best schools in the land.

Cotham possessed a state-of-the-art building and extensive grounds of historical interest, but its true glory lay in the quality of its teachers. The all-male team was led by Mr Woods, known by the boys as ‘Splinter.’ The Head Master was smaller than average, of slim build and white complexion. He maintained strict discipline and was both feared and respected, resorting occasionally to the use of the cane, but to the final-year science class he revealed a great breadth of knowledge, taking special lessons covering philosophy, economics and politics.

The deputy

Leave Decisions About Schools To Educators, Not Politicians

education-Education, which was at one time considered a local matter of the state, has been given a complete makeover in the last 30 years or so. It can be said that education today has become a national political football, where proposals come and hit it from every angle and in the end, there is nothing that seems to have been fixed. In other words, the last few years have seen the death of the great American schooling system with increased politics and less of real decision making by industry experts.

The prevailing schooling system in America needs to be addressed from several angles which include vouchers, curriculum reform, charter schools, standardized testing, and teacher accountability. These days, more importance is given to testing and the choices of educational institutes are so many, that in this crowd real education is getting undermined. In all these years, fewer efforts have been exerted in promoting a sound educational curriculum in the voucher schools and so, those who attended them, gained nothing much. The decisions in the educational system should be made by the educators and not

Private Universities In Pakistan Recognized By HEC

Studious female high school student

The higher education commission of Pakistan (HEC) is an independent and constitutionally established institution that oversees, regulates and accredits higher education institutions in Pakistan. If you are planning of pursuing higher education in Pakistan you should attend an organization that is recognized by the higher education commission of Pakistan. Many public universities in Pakistan are recognized by the commission; however, only a few private universities are recognized. Here are a few of the recognized private institutions:

Foundation University, Islamabad

Also known as FUI, Foundation University has three additional compasses in Punjab, Pakistan, and Rawalpindi. The establishment of the institution was sponsored by Fauji foundation which is one of the largest welfare organizations in Pakistan.

It was granted a charter in the year 2002 and offers undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral education in humanities, philosophy, law, fine arts and medical sciences.

Ali Institute of Education

It was established in 2010 and offers a wide range of courses including: English, computer science, business administration, education, and commerce.

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore

The institution was established in 1984 and offers programs in humanities, business, science and

Establish A Successful Career As An NDT Professional

Nondestructive testing or NDT is a process, which is used for assessing materials, assemblies, and components for discontinuities and operational faults. The main factor that makes this testing process unique and extremely efficient is that it does not require destruction of the component or system, which has to be tested. This testing process has immensely helped in analyzing systems and components, without reducing their functionality. Nowadays, most of the industries are using NDT for quality testing process. This testing process helps in assessing products for making them more reliable and for maintaining uniformity in quality level. This test can efficiently assess a wide range of products for discontinuities and operational faults, without the destruction of tested products. This reduces the loss, which manufacturing units have to often bear and also aids in making the manufacturing process more expeditious.

The efficiency of NDT has made it quite popular amongst various industries and manufacturing businesses. This is the main reason behind an ever increasing demand of qualified NDT professionals. So, if you are willing to make a career in quality testing field then you should look for NDT inspection training in cities like Houston. A comprehensive training program can immensely

Different Ways to Sequence Your Presentation for Improved Results

There is a plethora of ways to organize your presentation and the one you select seriously impacts the success of your presentation. If in case you order your material in an intuitive manner, than the audience can easily understand and are more likely to be persuaded. However, if the order material is presented in an awkward manner, the audience will certainly struggle to understand, and they will resist being persuaded. This makes it very important to well understand how to choose the right one for your topic and your audience?

Chronological Sequence

In a chronological sequence, things are requested by date or time they happened. Numerous investigative presentations take after a free sequential succession to recap the events embraced in a test:

  • Background
  • Hypothesis
  • Experimental methods
  • Data
  • Analysis and discussion
  • Conclusions

A chronological sequence is very easy to apply. Since most stories take after this example, it is a natural example for gatherings of people, and is subsequently very simple to take after.

Step-by-step Sequence

In a step-by-step sequence, things are composed by request inside of a procedure. This grouping is easy to apply, and simple to take after and is especially powerful for a “how to” presentation. Some easy examples where this method may be applied include:

  • How

For the Upcoming MBA Admissions – Admission MBA Programme

People of olden times used to say that having an educational certificate in hand was like having a tool that you could use to win the world. This is indeed a very true statement. In today’s times, there is nothing as powerful as having qualification in your hand. If you have that, opportunities will come looking for you and life will be smooth.

As we already know, the master of business administration is one of the most desired courses that people want to take up. There are many who already have other degrees in hand but still opt for the MBA courses because of its value in the market. Having this certificate in hand pushes your career several levels up in the direction of success. The admission MBA programme in India usually begins with the entrance exams that the students have to get in order to get themselves enrolled to various colleges around the country.

In case you are looking for overseas education, there will be individual tests that the institution will hold in order to begin with the selection process. Based on the scores you get in the entrance tests, you will know if you are eligible for the college seat

Syrian refugees not at school in Turkey

More than 400,000 Syrian refugee children of school age living in Turkey are not attending school, according to a report by Human Rights Watch.

The report interviewed 50 families and found that, on average, their children had lost two years of school.

The main issues facing the children are language barriers, financial difficulties and integration problems.

There are around two million Syrian refugees living in Turkey, 708,000 of whom are of school age.

The Turkish government formally granted Syrian children access to public schools in a 2014 policy. One of the barriers facing Syrians is a lack of information about this policy, Human Rights Watch (HRW) says.

“Failing to provide Syrian children with education puts an entire generation at risk,” said Stephanie Gee, Bernstein fellow in the refugee rights programme at HRW.

“With no real hope for a better future, desperate Syrian refugees may end up putting their lives on the line to return to Syria or take dangerous journeys to Europe.”

The campaign group has called for “urgent financial and technical support” from the international community, warning that failure to act would have “a ruinous effect” on a generation of Syrians.

Validation of Pharmaceutical Computer Systems

Quality administration of computer systems (equipment and programming) is a focal piece of the general quality administration system in the pharmaceutical business. What’s more, quality administration of electronic marks and electronic records (1) (i.e., information created by computer systems) is likewise some portion of the general quality administration system. Computer systems must conform to cGMP necessities, when utilized as a part of these managed situations. As nonstop innovation progressions, distributed computing, virtualized procedure control systems and assembling systems, including security, unite into an innovation driven, steadily adjusting industry, so does the potential danger of rebelliousness with both inside guidelines and administrative administration.

Clients in charge of computer systems in pharmaceutical situations have brought up authentic issues con-cerning viewpoints, validation procedure, degree, and strategies while accepting these systems. Validation of computer systems is an assignment frequently viewed as conceptual and rather complex. As a result of this state of mind, clients may depend too intensely upon merchant supplied data and validation information to bolster their system validation. Depending on merchant supplied information could trade off the proposed utilization of the product, and accordingly, bargain the validation. Rules, suggestions, hands-on structures and layouts, including the degree of validation and the kind of documentation